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Ta Phin in Sapa is a Red Dao hill tribe village near the Chinese Vietnam boarder. Just a short 3 hour hike from the former French colonial town of Sapa, Ta Phin has become a popular tourist destination for it’s epic landscapes and ethnic minority encounters. It is impossible to walk by the village without seeing an abundance […]
The Mekong Delta, the place where the great river splits into trails, paths and waterways, is supposed to be one of Vietnam’s most beautiful attractions. Naturally, you should decide to book a one-day tour from Saigon. You’ll experience so many wonderful things in Mekong Delta tour. In fact, “cool” is the word I would use to describe the whole day […]
Feb 2009 – At 6:30am, a mini bus came to pick me up at my guest house in Lao Bảo town. As I was back in Vietnam via the Lao – Viet border crossing too late the day before, I decided to stay overnight in Lao Bảo border town and next day I would get […]
There are many wonderful reasons why train travel in countries you’re visiting for the first time is so great, and travelling by train in Vietnam is no different. Some of the more obvious reasons include seeing the countryside that you would otherwise have missed from the air. It’s usually much cheaper than flying, and if […]
Halong Bay is amazing and completely worth the time and effort to plan.  Having said that, do put some time and effort into choosing what tour you do, as this will make a big difference to whether you come back raving about your trip or warning others not to make the mistakes you did. Here’s some advice I wish […]
Nowadays, it is easy to get to Mekong Delta from anywhere with various types of transportation. Depend on your requirements and budget, you can choose the most suitable type to get there and get around Mekong Delta.   The Highway 1 connects Ho Chi Minh City with My Tho (Tien Giang), Vinh Long and ends in Can Tho. Several other […]
Da Lat is a famous city in Viet Nam.With large pine forest Surrounding and low temperatures,the air is very fresh and pure.Visitorsmay come here to enjoy the most romantic place in Viet Nam – you can imagine a couple hand in hand on the grass field behind a misty sunrise…it’s simply heaven. That’s why Da Lat is […]
When spring is everywhere on this S-shaped strip of land, it is signalled by the warm sunshine. In Sapa there is still the chill of cool weather. It is called spring, but for Sapa during these days, tourists still have to wear warm clothing resistant to the chill breezes that would permeate into the flesh. But in […]
Hanoi effortlessly blends new Asia’s dynamic face with the exotic vibe of old Asia. The modern and the medieval co-exist beautifully on the streets of the Vietnamese capital. In the Old Quarter, sellers set up shop on the tangled web of streets like they have for nearly a century, locals in conical hats whiz by on […]
Sapa is popular for not only its wonderful mountainous scenery including the spectacular peak of Phanxipang, fairytale Muong Hoa, the poetic landscape of Ham Rong, the romantic scene of the terraced fields, amazing rolling hills and so much more, but also its traditional culture of ethnic minorites. Coming to Sapa, you will have chances to see […]

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